Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DwelLogic R & D

This will be a repository for all DwelLogic R & D ideas for future development. To ensure that our concepts do not get "lost," when an idea for a product, system or any concept that may have value arises, write them up here. Each of us are visionary thinkers. By depositing our concepts within the framework of DwelLogic, Inc., we are opening our ideas to input by one another and making them potential projects for future DwelLogic endeavors.

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mbernade said...

Wonderful Idea Rhonda. We definitely want this blog to be protected. I'm wondering if we should each sign a confidentiality statement to be a part of this site. I know it is understood, but still for protection of all parties. Also, I have a crazy idea for a new bicycle, but need imput from you guys about the reality of it. Can we use this spot for brainstorming and collaborating with each other on our crazy ideas? Thank you for your amazing foresite Rhonda.